Ideal Enviro for mautic 4?

One of my mautics is getting too big for it’s current home and I need to move it.

If I am going to move it makes sense to move it to a home that is the best balance of affordability and power.

What is the ideal set up for a Mautic 4 with 3000 contacts but quite a lot of dynamic filters, tagging and campaigns? RAM, processer, etc etc?

What would be the recommended home be for a semi tech literate manager? Digital Ocean droplet, Amazon? Somewhere else?

Hey Rob,

I personally like to go with DO, I feel I get a bit more bang for my buck there and pretty easy to resize and downsize as needed.

3,000 contacts does not sound very big and would look at a basic server. (but we are going to go through all this on our call on Wednesday :wink: )

A simple $30-50 server should be able to handle it in my opinion.
I use Linode for hosting my private mautics.