Ideal server setup for multiple instances with V4.4+

What is the ideal setup (Control Panel / Linux OS) for v4.4 moving forward?

We have a Cyberpanel instance which was running happily prior to the forced changes to composer, and it has completely played havoc with ~15 instances we have running on the server for clients.

Looking at migrating this over to a new setup and keen to get an understanding of the best setup these days for Mautic as we move into v5 and beyond so the setup is future proofed.

Starting with Managed databases I had figured I would move to managed databases with DigitalOcean but has caused me significantly more headaches with compatibility than it has saved me in stability.
What do ppl use for database management?

Control Panel - currently we are using Cyberpanel with Litespeed enterprise but with ~ 4.4 it has thrown all my plugins I use and upgrading methodology out of the window with console and other related compatibility issues.

Keen to get suggestions of an open source control panel which is ideally setup out of the box for Mautic environments for safe upgrades of both Mautic and the CP instance.

Any other suggestions to help reduce system maintenance for multiple instances your insights would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I was very disappointed with GUI tools, so learned LXC instead.
We are using LXD containers with Haproxy as load balancer. It requires some custom scripts for backups, and basic linux command line knowledge. You need to forget the grafical interface. But somehow everything just works. Snapshots are one command and you can go back any time.

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I am using cPanel however I did had to do some edit in composer.json file to make it work in cPanel directory structure.

So far, it’s been behaving good.

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