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Where to Host Mautic on Shared Server

I tried installing Mautic on Linode using CyberPanel but somehow things didn’t work well form me. I tried setting up a new Linode with Cpanel but it seems like you need to buy a cPanel license first to get it to work.

I purchased a hostgator hosting package but found out it didn’t seem to work at all and Mautic doesn’t appear in their softaculous.

What host is best for Mautic?

I am running some instances on AWS. I am also planning to install one instance on Contabo (server for 4.99 €). I have experiance with DigitalOcean and setting up Mautic there should go smooth, it depends on your needs in case of DigitalOcean you would have to probably choose droplet for more then 5 $ a month.

If you want I can help you setup Mautic instance (part of my paid services).

Thanks for the response.

Does DigitalOcean come with a cpanel included or I also have to get my own license?

I always used bare bone server without cpanel on DO, but as far as I can remember you can choose to install an image with cpanel already configured, not sure if there is any licensing cost. As far as I can see most of the stuff is using open source license: < >.

Thanks a lot.

I will sign up for a digital ocean account and try it out.

Ive used cloudways and set it up pretty easily there, if you want to try that let me know.

I am using Linode but I am managing my servers with Runcloud. I have two instances of Mautic V4 running on two different servers.

I should add that I didn’t use a one-click installer. I installed it manually after creating a DB and user account.