Images exist but are not shown

I’m having trouble inserting images into the email builder, they always appear broken. They exist on the server but it returns that they don’t exist. I don’t know what to do, if I refer to an external link it appears normally

There is another discussion that seems to help, but I don’t understand what was done, the other user’s answers do not appear

Hi, this is an old thread.
Your problem is with relative path.
Can you plz share how your cronjobs look like - that would give us a hint.


this is my cronjobs in momemt. I’m new in Mautic and i don’t understand many things to solv this problem

tks for help me

Okay, your media folder by default should be here:

If you go to your server, do you see images at this location?

if yes, then
In your images folder settings it should be:

Yes, in this directory there are images and any uploads I do in the builder. When I try to inspect through the console with f12 it shows the example path, but if I put the same path without the index.php the image is shown

What is your mautic path set as?
you can find it in config / general.

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Hi, I found the correct path in local.php, the site url was there and my address was stuck with the end …/index.php I removed it and everything worked.

TKS for help

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