Import Email Templates and associated media

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.1.1
My PHP version is: PHP 7.4.3
My Database type and version is: mariadb 10.3

Mautic’s problem
Mautic’s problem is: I cannot find the email template import functionality

These errors are showing in the log: None

Steps I have tried to fix the problem: I’ve browsed every menu option available.

I’m unable to locate the email template import feature for Mautic and I refuse to believe any marketing software that handles emails in this day and age would be missing such basic functionality so I’m positive it’s buried somewhere. I even browsed the user manual and searched for “import” but only saw where you can import contacts. Is this just a serious oversight? Should I be looking at other better software (suggestions welcome if Mautic is really lacking this feature).

Hi, there is no import version. You can find info on how to import.
Try to use the code mode.
BTW Mailchimp also doesn’t have import version, that allows to import any Aweber compatible templates to use as Mailchimp compatible template

Your best call is to create a template from code.

Thanks - I’ll pass that info along to my non-technical marketing person and let her know she’ll need to learn to write HTML. :+1:

re: MailChimp not having an import feature - their builder is quite a bit more user friendly - similar to the BeeEditor that costs $250/month so while they lack import functionality they have an editor that’s easily navigable by a layperson.

I understand a little sarcasm on your part, but you should really thank me for the heads up.
I told you what your best call is for creating templates.

Your marketing person can go to the email builder and use the drag and drop function to create emails.
Save them, duplicate, and boom, who needs templates. Template is a just fancy word for example email.


Mautic is like an IKEA chair, you’ll have to work on it before you can sit down in peace.

I wish it wouldn’t be. More “Laypeople” would use it first time they see it.
I really wish

  • the coolest drag and drop email editor that just works
  • Mautic wouldn’t require CSS coding to integrate forms
  • would have a drag and drop focus item builder
  • would have easy to understand cronjobs to be run
  • wouldn’t require a person with command line knowledge to work through updates

But it is not like that. However Mautic has a bunch of other features, that other tools lack. And you have absolute freedom to use it to whatever you want to.

If you want to listen to music, maybe it’s better to get an expensive Ipod then a free Stradivari.

Here is a free course you can give to your “Layperson”:

You’ll see a perfect example how things are working with Mautic, so you can decide if you want to invest time into it. There is a “Hands on training” where we send out a newsletter. Check it out.
I hope you enjoy.

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No sarcasm on my part - I really will tell my marketing person to go learn HTML. I used non-technical as a descriptor as she does not know how to write any code - that’s the domain of developers and designers.

Regarding MailChimp and Mautic’s editor - MailChimp does have an import feature (Import a Custom HTML Template | Mailchimp) but it’s an advanced feature as they assume you know how to code to use it. That said, their editor is dead simple so when I used MailChimp I never felt the need to import anything.

The way I see it you have to give an end user at least ONE simple path to get data into your software and if all paths require advanced knowledge then you’re severely limiting your target audience. For mail templates that looks like either a sufficient editor or a way to import templates where you’ve paid someone with knowledge to design them for you.

Let me walk that back a tiny bit though - I say you “have to give” - truth is you don’t “have” to do anything as it’s your software and obviously you have a decent following so I suppose the moderate amount of success you have is sufficient.

I would say though, when requesting a sandbox account you should probably remove the Bee Editor as that’s not what Mautic has as a default so maybe it’s a little misleading.

I’ll go take a look at the training course you sent, thanks!

Last, I’m not sure which Mautic is in your analogy - a Stradivari or an iPod.



I think minimal HTML is very good for anyone to learn.
Import Custom HTML in Mautic = use codemode.
There is a simple way to add templates its described in the docs, and also on my own website or just search youtube.

I would walk back a little bit too: it is not “my software”. I am just a user as anyone else. I don’t own anything here, I am not a coder. Just a simple forum commenter, who happens to hang out here way too much and gives his honest blunt opinion to people. (And got away with just 2 warnings in the past two years from the admins :slight_smile: ) I got the project backer icon next to my avatar, because I financially supporting this project out of my pocket every month. My website is not affiliated with Mautic, I am not paid by Mautic. I work for another company, that happens to host Mautic.

The sandbox account you requested from another company. That is not Mautic :), but they own Mautic. It’s called Campaign Studio. It’s a different product. Has different features than the community edition.
It was explained I believe, when you choose not to download and self install the community edition.

Mautic is not an ipod in my opinion, but I’m biased.

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More people should strive to do this and the world would be a better place.

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