Installation in Wordpress directory

Hi Folks,

I have a little installation problem. I want to install Mautic in a subdirectory in a Wordpress installation on my server. I do so too with other software, such as Perfex CRM, which works easily. In the moment i try to call the Mautic installation like I get an 403 error telling me that I don’t have permission to access this resource. Guess this is about any .htaccess entry I have to add or change in the Mautic installation directory? If anybody could help me with that I would be very thankfull!

If I use the same directory but set it up as a sub-domain in my admin menu, it works like a charm. Problem is I cannot use the SSL-certificate on subdomains …

Since I do not have mautic in sub-dir config handy. The other solution is to issue a new certificate using lets encrypt (because ssl certificate is free :slight_smile: ).

If you really want sub-dir solution, I would strongly suggest that you consider moving mautic files on the filesystem out of wordpress sub directory and configure apache in the way that it makes alias to that location.

Not supported by my hoster :roll_eyes: … same for any apache config …

Out of curiosity can you reveal hosting provider?

USE Vps server for Mautic always instead of shared host


sure, it’s DomainFactory, german hoster …