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Is there a web version or cloud version of mautic

Trying to understand this product, looking for a crm program that I can access in the cloud from my 3 computers: work desktop, work laptop & home laptop.
Took a look at the set up & installation info, it appears technical & requires programming code, etc.
This may not be the product I think it is, I was hoping it functioned like a MS Office 365 cloud product or other software that are located in the cloud & all I need to do is login with a username & password.
Can someone please guide me in the right direction…

Mautic runs on a server via your browser and so is 100% cloud-based by that definition. The complication comes in, in that you need to set it up on a server and maintain it.

It’s also not a CRM, it is a marketing automation tool that can integrate with several CRM’s.

It is super powerful and 100% free aside from your own infrastructure costs, but you do need to either hire someone or get your hands dirty to get it all working how you want it and keep it that way.

I can offer you my services to get it set up for you if you like?

Can you please delete my account, this is not what I had anticipated…

Thank you.