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Is there a Cloud Hosting Service from Mautic?

I just found out Mautic a few days ago.

It´s my understanding that there are three “services” or approaches from Mautic:

  1. Self-service: Self-host / Self-installation / Self-everything.
  2. Mautic Cloud Hosting service: which is free until some number of contacts, after that it has some price structure.
  3. Mautic Pro: The commercial version, which is on the Acquia side of the business.

How can I get the Mautic Cloud Hosting service? Where can I find the price structure?

Thanks, is now part of Aquira

Thanks, @codes9

Acquia is offering just the MauticPro version (I know this bc I talked with one of its representatives).

What about the Mautic-Host cloud version? Any idea?

@robert.luna2020 The free tier disappeared before the Aquira acquisition AFAIK. This was part of which now redirects to Aquira as they have taken over the whole commercial end. You can currently get a 7day trial from them but that’s about it.

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digitalocean is a very good alternative for self service cloud hosting and affordable prices.

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