Know the "state" of a campaign that is not properly sending the emails

I’ve been using mautic to capture emails in forms, but I did not have any automation.

I want now to send email sequences.

I’ve setup a test campaign with 4 emails. I’ve entered one test user into the campaign.

But I’m not receiving the emails.

I don’t have access via SSH, it’s hosted in a php hosting where I have access via a web-based file-manager and a web-based mysql-client.

In the crons I call those every 15 mins:


How can I debug what’s happening behind the scenes? reading the DB maybe? reading some kind of logs?

Hi, there is a debug flag in app/config/local.php

You can set it to true, then inspect log files in var/logs. It might help you with debugging.

Hi, here is the Mautic knowledge base regarding email troubleshooting: 10 things to check


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Huh, nice guide!! Will check it all! Thnx!