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My PHP version is : 7.4
My MySQL/MariaDB version is (delete as applicable): 10.5.21-MariaDB-cll-lve

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My problem is :

I have a campaign from a form on which my client will submit a document to send to us for checking. Within 5 days, I have to send to the client the result file of checking. Then I wait for 7 days to send an email to ask them for a review (feedback, rate).

I created a custom contact field File_URL which is the URL of the result file. In the campaign, I created an action to check if the field has value then send out the email to the client then the client can download the document.

The problem is the action above just executed once right at form submiting and will never execute again. Although I checked on "Allow contacts to restart the campaign " already.

Are there any way to keep watching on the field value?

Steps I have tried to fix the problem :

I did also setup a group of campaign to loop on this with option “Allow contacts to restart the campaign” enabled. The first campaign will check for the field value, if it’s empty then remove from the campaign and add it to 2nd campaign. In the 2nd campaign, just move it back to 1st campaign to activate membership event for loop.

This works well but it created so many event logs in contact page.

I hope you have a solution for this. It’s great for me.


Let’s define your requirements.

  1. When a contact fills out a form, you get a notification + client gets a confirmation.
  2. When the file is ready you add the ‘file_url’ and the client get’s a notification.

In Mautic I would translate it as follows:

Campaign 1: Client uploads request
This campaign starts with a form. First campaign step is an email to you, where you get a notification about the file being uploaded, The campaign ends.

Campaign 2: Clients recieves feedback
Segment: Anyone who has file_url not empty.
Once you add content to the file_url custom field, the campaign starts.
The first action is an email, where you notify the customer about the ready document.

Hi Joey,

Let me try again and let you know.
Thanks for taking a look on this.


Hi Joey,

Your way works well.
Many thanks for that.


You are welcome.

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