Mautic: Build Quiz / Calculate the cost of a website

Hello, I am very new with Mautic and a love it from the beginning.

We are a web agency.

I would like to build a form / quiz where the user can enter the requirements for his future website. Based on the requested information (number of pages, store function, etc…) then depending on the input a mail with the cost should be sent automatically (3 pricing areas / segments: price from 1000-2000; 2000 - 3500; 3500 +).

Do you have an idea / inspiration how to best start here; how / if this can be implemented with Mautic?

Thanks a lot!!

@woem as you rightly suggested!
1- Use a form
2- Create a Campaign to use the form
3- Apply Condition: Form field value
Trigger actions when a submitted form field value suits the defined condition.
4- Select Field - Operator - Value
5- Add Action per Value

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Thank You.

Or: Can / Should I do it with points /dynamic lists?

e.g.: 2-5 pages = 3 points (value 3); Shop functionality = 4 points → add to “List / segment 7 points”…

That is also possible but you will need a way to collect the data and process it.

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