Mautic doesn't send example email when "Send example" button is pressed in segment email

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.2.2
My PHP version is: 7.2.34
My Database type and version is: 5.7.41-cll-lve

Your problem
My problem is:
When I click the “Send Example” button in Segment Email in Mautic, it doesn’t send the email
However, if I send Segment Email by pressing the “Send” button it does send the email.

We are using SendGrid API - the setting for How should email be handled? is set to “Send Immediately”.

Does SendGrid API limit the sending test email but allow bulk email sent (segment email)?

Hi, check these points:

Thank you, it seems that there is none of the things listed on that page is applicable to solving the issue. The credentials for email configuration are correct and the “Test Connection” and “Send Test Email” buttons returned a success message once clicked.

Are you using the contact ownership feature while sending emails?

Hi @joeyk I have no idea if there is such a contact ownership feature.
The issue was probably more related to the background sending of test email.
Is there cron command that helps / facilitates sending test email when “Send Example” button is clicked, if I may ask? I am not sure of how the mechanism in Mautic that triggers sending email works when “Send Example” button is clicked.
Thank you!

Send example should always work as there are no cronjobs. It is the opposite how usually the problem presents itself: you can send example bit segment sending doesn’t work - then you have a cronjob problem.
But in your case that is not possible. This is really interesting to me - can you send me screenshot of the email settings page in private? Also screenshot of the email (page where that specific email’s settings are, including the advanced tab)

Hi @joeyk,

Sure, how do I private message to you?
Let me know

  1. Click on “person’s name”
  2. Click on “Message”

Have you looked in the SendGrid account for data on the test messages? I sometimes use PostMark and that gives me detailed transaction information.

Hi, is this the same email address where you try to send with 2 different methods?

Hi guys, sorry, upon digging with the SendGrid support team, I realised the admin email address for Mautic was listed in unsubscribe list, so I had to remove that email address from Global Unsubscribe list and the test email sent using Send Example button works.

Apologies for this. Your assistance and replies are highly appreciated with thanks.