Mautic Email Messages Reject as Spam?

EasyApache 4
My Mautic version is: 45_mautic-449
My PHP 80, PHP 8.0.29-1.1.3.cpanel
extention: php80-php-fileinfo
cPanel & WHM on AlmaLinux
OS: AlmaLinux v8.8.0 STANDARD kvm
cPanel Version 112.0.5

Hi everyone,

Email messages sent by Mautic: Gmail SMTP to Duo Circle, my email management system, are being rejected by the spam filter.

According to our tech support, these messages are rejected because they do not contain a ‘From’ or ‘Sender’ address.

Please see the captured screenshot images:

2023-10-05 13.55.01 07efd9769cd0

Can you provide a recommendation on how to configure Mautic to include a ‘Sender’ with a message ID

We really need your help on this issue.

DevCED Team

Can you run a test with or MX toolbox email heath.

Your lovely total: 8.2/10

You do not have DKIM and SPF configured, so it will go to spam.

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