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Mautic - FB custom audience integration

does anyone have some suggestions to integrate Mautic and FB custom audience in order to move a list of contacts who filled a form from Mautic to FB custom audience?

Yes. I’m doing exactly that with Integomat as middle ware.

Facebook Integrations | Integromat

Are you also doing it with the array aggregator? It seems if you don’t use it, it creates as many custom audiences as there are contacts. In the array aggregator I use “Fields” but I’m not sure if this format is accepted by facebook. Do you know how you can test if the custom audience is working / validating the integromate’s process?

I first created a custom audience in the business center by uploading one set of contacts that I wanted in the audience in a csv format.

After that, I have a workflow that adds additional contacts to the specific audience based upon events. These workflows all start with a webhook, mautic form completion, or order checkout on woo commerce, but flow thru Mautic. The key is to have an email address as the key thru the flow, I use get contact from Mautic alot.

I know that the flow is working as I can see the last updated for the custom audience incrementing. Unfortunately FB doesn’t let you see the contacts once you’ve interface them over.

Here’s a flow that starts with the completion of a Mautic form, and adds the form user to a general facebook audience, and also removes the form user from a couple of advertising audiences that are used to drive the user to the form in the first place so that I no longer advertise to them.

We also save the user into Google contacts so that our front line support/sales has them in a dedicated Google Voice/Google Contacts account on their cel phone.

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