Mautic - FB custom audience integration

does anyone have some suggestions to integrate Mautic and FB custom audience in order to move a list of contacts who filled a form from Mautic to FB custom audience?

Yes. I’m doing exactly that with Integomat as middle ware.

Facebook Integrations | Integromat

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Are you also doing it with the array aggregator? It seems if you don’t use it, it creates as many custom audiences as there are contacts. In the array aggregator I use “Fields” but I’m not sure if this format is accepted by facebook. Do you know how you can test if the custom audience is working / validating the integromate’s process?

I first created a custom audience in the business center by uploading one set of contacts that I wanted in the audience in a csv format.

After that, I have a workflow that adds additional contacts to the specific audience based upon events. These workflows all start with a webhook, mautic form completion, or order checkout on woo commerce, but flow thru Mautic. The key is to have an email address as the key thru the flow, I use get contact from Mautic alot.

I know that the flow is working as I can see the last updated for the custom audience incrementing. Unfortunately FB doesn’t let you see the contacts once you’ve interface them over.

Here’s a flow that starts with the completion of a Mautic form, and adds the form user to a general facebook audience, and also removes the form user from a couple of advertising audiences that are used to drive the user to the form in the first place so that I no longer advertise to them.

We also save the user into Google contacts so that our front line support/sales has them in a dedicated Google Voice/Google Contacts account on their cel phone.

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Anyone know if this is possible to do with n8 ? or any update on new plugins

Just brace yourself as in few days we will drop a surprise :wink:


Are you gonna drop the Mautic 4+ compatible surprise?

Just step by step, but who knows?!..

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We shall be waiting

Hey @ebola it has been two weeks since you post on a few days… we are eagerly waiting to hear some updates from you here.

Sorry Mike, it would have assumed really just a few days but just meantime we got some unexpected tasks from totally different places that ‘sadly’ we had to finish before my promise.

Sorry for the delay, here you go with what I mentioned the renovated Facebook - Custom Audience plugin: Custom Audiences (Facebook Ads) – Mautic Plugin v2.1.0

This is the fork of the original plugin keep its licensing background, therefore it is still open usable and open ‘codeable’ as open source project just we started to maintain it (as in the last some months also but without publicity).

As I wrote we will keep it freely usable and we are going to try to handle its every basic maintenance aspect. As of it in the following weeks we are going to upgrade it to compatible with Mautic 4, if not already.

Thanks for your patience, and wish a lot of fun to use.

(I tested it completely yesterday, but sadly as we are really full of works if there is any unexpected errors we can just check it in the first week of November.)

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(There were really a lot of work with even just the documentation, with its product page - as you can also see it - especially in 2 languages, and we would have liked to do some small but important upgrades on the plugin itself, what now we have also done. I really hope you will like it.)

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Hi All! ( Especially: @joeyk @mikew )

I’m glad to announce that after a long period we have some updates on the plugin and now we have also a brand new Mautic 4 compatible version.

As from now we have discrete Mautic 3 and Mautic 4 versions, we changed the version number logic behind our plugins to better reflect it. In the future 3.*.* plugins will be compatible with Mautic 3, while 4.*.* plugins will be compatible with Mautic 4.

Our corrections for Mautic 3 including but not limited to…

  • NEW FUNCTION Upgraded Facebook SDK to v13.
  • OPTIMIZATION Filtered version update notifications to only Mautic 3.
  • OPTIMIZATION Segment synchron in case of enabling/disabling them.
  • OPTIMIZATION ‘FB exeption’ error report enhancing.
  • OPTIMIZATION New version numbering logic aligned to the major Mautic versions.
  • OPTIMIZATION Further more optimized manual for totaly clear usage.
  • BUGFIX Fixed a rare but definite memory overflow when enabling the plugin (with completely new query logic).
  • BUGFIX Synchron at publishing a new segment.

…while the Mautic 4 version contains exactly the same functionalities as the Mautic 3 version (except of filtering of the version update notifications, which here is - of course - for Mautic 4).

Though our plugins usually based on 1 year subscription plans but this one - as a free item - of course could be usable without any restrictions.

You can ‘purchase’ them as free products from our site:

As all of our plugins these also have embeded notifications about new versions but because we changed the URL of the orginal product, the link in the upgrade notification of our previous version is broken. Now you have to go to one of our links above and ‘use’ the product from there but in the current version we already use the new URL, therefore the problem will be solved.

Please feel free to use them, and do not hasitate to tell me if you have any problems.


Have successfully installed the plugin and Mautic and FB are attempting to sync. I have lots of heavy segments and I do not want all segments to create a custom audience in FB. I need selected/filtered segments only to sync and form custom audience in FB. How to do this? Thanks