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Mautic Form: Push to Wordpress Registration?

I’m having a hard time understanding what exactly the Mautic Form option “Post Results To Another Form.”

I want to create an e-book offer. If the user fills out the form, I want mautic to push that data to Wordpress to create a Wordpress account for them.

Can the “Post Results To Another Form” option do this?

You need to be able to receive on the other side. In other words your form values, that you post have to be aligned. You can also do this with API, there is an plugin for Wordpress, that lets you create a new user via API call.
How skilled are you with a little coding?



I have shared you an PM, Please check.


I’m starting to see a problem, actually. Unless the Wordpress “Username” field is deleted, there may be a problem with validation if, for example, somebody fills out the Mautic form and there is already a Wordpress user named “Joe.” The Mautic form will go through, however the Wordpress registration will fail.

I suggest to use a plugin to generate the user ID, like I described above.

I thought that was a problem… Mautic pushing forms to the wp account… Several of my sites push to the WP account and open up one instead of going to the Mautic account like they should i have spent many hours trying to find out why maybe 1 in five leads end up in Mautic and the other 4 land in the wordpress account and logged into wp they have full wp account access… but they can log into and out of my webistite and even store files they select… but they never show in Mautic… and it only happens on 1 or 2 sites and they are all supposed to be similar and none should land in the WP account… Wow i would give anything to figure out why they do that…
you are just the opposite you want to push them there…

Wow Joeyk… that may be related to my problme… because i use the same name making sure the email is uniqued and that may be related to why many of my leads go thru to wp but fail to show in Mautic… I will test that now using a very unique name…will let you know…
OOPS! just read yours again… and our problems are just the opposite… the fails are mostly on my Mautic side… not the wp side.

OMG Joeyk… you may have the answer i just sent this… and it went straight thru to Mautic
Crolandazaab Xylopmousescoday

and look at that email Mautic could give a shit what the email is… so we will need to develop a strong email validation for sure… as long as you dont dupe the email Mautic is happy…

Okay, so is it solved? :slight_smile:

I thought so since i made up a long first and last name and low and behold it went straight to Mautic… but never again…doing the same all over again… .almost all leads go to the backend of wp and rarely go to Mautic db… will write up a ticket and try to solve it soon… as I get some time… don’t want to stumble all over someone elses thread… Thanks for the concern…