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Mautic forms don’t trigger any action


We have an issue related to forms embedded in Mautic landing pages.

This is the right path that we set in Mautic:

  1. A user goes to our landing page built in Mautic
  2. The user submits a form
  3. The contact is identified
  4. Mautic triggers two actions:
    a. Send to us the form results
    b. Send to contact an email
    5.The users get redirected to a thank you page

This not always works.

Sometimes, Mautic identifies a user but the following actions (number 4 and 5) don’t take place.
The user is correctly identified because we can see its details like phone number and email.
But the form doesn’t trigger the 2 related actions and seems that user is not redirected to our thank you page.

Any idea?