Mautic Installer Database Setup Error "I Think I Broke It"


Major problem. I’ve installed Mautic four times already on the same server. Different websites. Each installation is in a mautic subdirectory folder. Now, the database setup doesn’t work on the latest tries. I just get that “I think I broke it” error message page.

None of the online tutorials show the correct way to set this up. Normally, I need to add (website’s username on the server)_databasename and (website’s username on the server)_username. It’s not working this time. Neither is leaving out the website’s username on the server and the underscore. Nothing works at all. My host is hostinger, and I use the cloud hosting. Basically a managed VPS.

Any ideas? Something’s not right. It might not matter what I type into those fields. Thanks in advance.

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My Mautic version is:
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My problem is:

These errors are showing in the log:

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UPDATE: Apparently, there are two different sizes of underscores, even though every keyboard has only one underscore key. One of my underscores was the wrong underscore. After fixing that, the database connected to Mautic.

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