Mautic Unsubscribe header/ READ THIS

Hello everyone, I noticed huge drop in open rate last two days. I have been testing my emails on mail-tester a lot those two days. Tried changing to different email templates. Email is good, no spam words…bla bla

Mail-tester score dropped from 9.9-10 to 5.8 because of this,

-2.43 RAZOR2_CF_RANGE_51_100 Razor2 gives confidence level above 50%
cf: 100
-1.729 RAZOR2_CHECK Listed in Razor2 (

And, I was trying to eliminate problem… In the end I figured that my unusbscribe link is the issue 100%. Tried sending same email without it and I get 9.9 -10 score.
Can someone explain?

So, once again its 100% that my domain is doing this. How can I change unsubscribe link with other domain that I’m currently using?

Hello Taric. Mautic uses its own domain to track clicks. You need to move Mautic

Hello @joeyk. What do you mean? Move it where? To another domain or what? Why? Explain please.
Just to make my self clear I was talking about unsubscribe links.

Sorry I was replying from my phone yesterday :slight_smile:
Unsubscribe links use your Mautic installation domain. So each link will look like:

If your Mautic install is on a domain, that pulls your deliverability down, you’ll need to move your installation domain. In other words: move Mautic to another domain.

Thanks @joeyk
What do you mean by “If your Mautic install is on a domain, that pulls your deliverability down” then you say “move mautic to another domain” ? :slight_smile:

How often should I do this because I have only sent 5k emails before these issues?


Maybe I misunderstood you:
Is your send score so bad because of your sending domain?

I don’t send from my domain at all. I use amazon domain. I get 9.9 -10 with that. And +50% open rate/300-400 cold emails per day.
But 2-3 days back I was getting 10-20% open rate and thats when I figured this out. Using same amazon SMTP on other domain I got 10/10. I even used glock apps inboxing tool and got great results.

I have no idea why is this happening. My domain from unubscribe link is not blacklisted.

Is this a good pracice. Sending emails from amazon domain? Couple of my domain are new so I don’t want to destory them.


What is an amazon domain? Never heard of that.
aws sending domain

Okay… That is not whan I meant.
In my eyes sending domain is the domain of your sender email.
That is SMTP relay domain I guess.