Misaligned content on email mobile

Hello, I’m sending an email and when I send it on the desktop the text is all to the left as it should and I have three images underneath, on the cell phone the text is all in the center and the images are 2 to the left and one to the right.

Can someone help me, please, I need to leave the text on the left and the images centered


it’s something you can edit in your theme.

Look at wich theme you are using in your emails.

  1. Go to Config (top right icon) > Themes
  2. Download the theme (.zip file)
  3. Give that .zip file to someone who know CSS and ask for your desired adjustment (dont forget to ask to rename the theme with a new name in the config.json file).
  4. Upload the new theme (.zip) via Config > Themes
  5. Select this new theme to be used in your mautic email interface

If you know someone around you with dev background it would be fast task. Else, try to find someone in dev services platforme like fiverr or upwork etc. It will cost you just few money since it’s not a hard work.