Multiple SMTP settings for different mailing segments

Just wanted to ask if the above functionality for this use case example is possible:
Segment 1 contains all other email addresses
Segment 2 contains only Gmail email addresses

Is there a way to configure the SMTP settings so that it would use, for example, Amazon SES for Segment 1 and another SMTP for segment 2?

If no, are there any plugins that can enable this functionality?

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There isn’t right now, but I’ll be interested in chipping for the development in for this one.
We should include:

  1. you need proper domain records for all sending method. Some verification would be nice.
  2. we could combine this with using different tracking domain (CNAME mautic install)
  3. When you send out a campaign, you could choose which sending method you want to use.

In my opinion this feature is very much targeted for marketers, who would like to use Mautic as an alternative tool to expensive marketing tools. We could pay for this development and enlarge Mautic’s userbase with these marketers.

I would throw in $100 for this development, how much would you be ready to spend on this one?



I am willing to chip in another $100.

I’d like to use different smtp servers for “high touch” campaigns to try to get better deliverability into the main inbox.

Since I’ve never done this before, this is a time limited offer, this needs to be discussed, etc etc.

What amount do these things usually need to raise before they are realised?

Is there a list of backable features?

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You have to make your own.
Btw, I checked and Symfony supports multiple smtp capability as well.
Mtcextendee has a random SMTP feature so it’s possible.


I got to know that this community (especially the project’s Lead) threats people who propose/find bugs/ want to mangle with anything as Enemies, or if you are a business they would ask EUR/an hour.

Thus you are better off with simply giving a go to:

if you are on Postfix simply add a line to your main configuration file
sender_dependent_relayhost_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport
and then, in that file

  • add as many relaying/routing based on source email address as you wish.

For postfix also:

We would be happy chipping in another $100 to get this made - I see it is an old post, but maybe someone wants to pick this up

I would wait until Mautic 5, because the way how emails will be sent is about to change. Then it would be a good time to add this feature. (And by adding this feature I mean evil contributors working for free on this task on their own time for fun and tackling a challenge, making Mautic awesome for people who try to make money with it, like certain posters in this Forum. OR they are paid for the work they do.)

Regarding the Postfix hack via relayhost mapping, thank you for posting. It sounds interesting, if it works for those, who still use SMTP as sending method. Can you plz test if the Amazon SES feedback loop still works if you don’t use Amazon SMTP as sender, but Other SMTP? I know that Amazon API feedback loop works only if you have Amazon SES API as sending method.

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Just to be clear: its $300 now if someone want to build it :smiley:

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I would add additional 100$. Maybe I would have implemented myself haven’t I been banned by Miss Lead from GitHub for reporting bugs too often.

As of now the work around is:
Use custom postfix settings and send-out emails from a specific e-mail address.

It gets the job done. If anyone is having problems with configuration I would gladly assist.

Thank you for chipping in. Dan you answer my practical questions above about api feedback loops? Noone really wants to use bounce email fetching in 2022. Also: do I need to co figure a postfix server to do this? Moreover: does port 25 have to be open?

What is the status on this? Did development already start?

No, are you planning to build it?

Here is a plugin, that does something similar:

Interesting I will look into it. Thanks

This is a great plugin and I am using it and thank you to the developer. Obviously everyone has a different way on how they think it should work but it is a great little plugin that provides a workaround, however it is email based and not based on “transactional” or “marketing” or “segment” or “campaign”


Just wanted to share a light on this plugin for mailgun and omnivery, that enables you to setup multiple domains and then use from address to determine which domain config to use:

< GitHub - mzagmajster/mautic-mailgun-mailer-plugin: Mailgun Email plugin for Mautic with multi-domains support >
< GitHub - omnivery/mautic-omnivery-plugin: Email transport using Omnivery API >

Also, I am willing to work on this, but I would wait until Mautic 5 as @joeyk suggested (or at least I would wait with the public release until 5).

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This is a useful plugin.
Do you know if this plays well with GitHub - FriendlyDotCH/mautic-multi-domain ?

Testing is in order here, but based on quick scan of the source code, should be ok since plugins extend different parts of Mautic.

Your plugin deals with tracking, while mine are dealing with EmailTransport layer

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I’m interested and willing to add some $$$ to the pool.

I want to be able to send emails to 2 different providers to separate marketing emails from transactional emails. I think my use case perfectly fits de initial request, however the requirements of the rest of biding businesses might have changed or streched since this post was started…

So, it would be good to refresh both the requirements and the bider’s bids…

Also, as reference, this was found on Github:

And this is on the forums:

Only tangentially related, but could be added to the development:

And this could be the solution?

Or maybe it is the perfect time for the entire mailing system to be reconsidered?

I finally decided to go with a solution that catches all outgoing email from Mautic and allows you to add and schedule extra email accounts that you add. I also added domain rotation which is very popular in the cold outreach world. Everything is done outside Mautic so you don’t need to worry about updates and maintenance etc… Yosu_Cadilla if you are still looking for a solution for your situation you can send me a DM if you want to know more since this is not really a Mautic native solution.

Hi, is your domain rotation also changing the tracking links?