New SMS Plugin with Cool Features

Hello Mauticians

We are very happy to release our new Surge.SMS Gateway to the community today. The service provider is MessageWhiz a company that we have been working with for some time. Great personalized service and competitive pricing compared to Twilio.

So what have we done ?
We created the Surge.SMS Gateway plugin with the following updated Features:

  1. Send test SMS!!!
  2. Successfully Send Segment SMS
  3. Live character count while you write your SMS.
  4. SMS within campaigns as usual.

You can download the plugin and get all installation and configuration instructions from the git repository: GitHub - ShareBtech/SurgeSMSBundle




When you signup to MessageWhiz they will give you 5 SMS credits for free for testing using our signup link here.

Hope you all enjoy.

Any questions or comments will be received gladly :slight_smile:


why this error appear and can`t install it wen click install upgrade pluin from dashboard

Hi @4lead - do you have any other instances of the plugin running. From the error message it seems that there was one already installed.

Maybe try and delete your cache manually with rm -rf /var/www/mautic/var/cache/

Hi @4lead - just following up here - did you manage to get things working ?

Hi. Trying to install this plugin on a mautic instance, but after following instructions and clicking the “install/update” button, it says “0 installed and 0 updated”. Tried multiple different environments to no avail. Any suggestions of what the issue might be?

Hi @theodor

can you let me know what version of Mautic and php you are running on ?

Thanks for the quick response @mikew

After some troubleshooting I’ve found the quite simple issue of the bundle directory being named incorrectly. When grabbing directly from github, the directory is named SurgeSMSBundle, when it should be named SurgeBundle. Renaming the directory to SurgeBundle corrected this issue.

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Hi @mikew , I installed the plugin. Now I am waiting for the validation from MessageWhiz. Some questions though:

  1. did you test what happens when Twilio-Plugin is on the same time active? Which of the services will be used for sending messages?
  2. on Twilio I had to reserve a phone-number and pay monthly fee. On MessageWhiz saw nothing regarding this. Is it right that I do not have to reserve a phone number on them?
    Thank you for your share !

HI @IonutOjicaDe

  1. You need to choose the transport method, this is in settings-> text messages:

I think I may have missed adding that to the documentation. This way messages will be sent out from the transport you choose.

  1. On MessageWhizz you do not pay for your number at all, it is just billed on the messages you send and they should give you rates and open routes according to the destinations you want to send you.

Let me know how it goes. Also if you do not hear back from MessageWhiz let me know and I will contact my account manager there, however I think they are pretty good at responding.

Hi @mikew , I was asked things by MessageWhizz, that I answered sincerely.
Since 1 of November I did not received any answer any more from MessageWhizz and I do not know what to do further. If you have another way to find this out, I would like to use this service.
Thank you Mike !