No MySQL 5.7, so I need suggestions for new hosting

So far I love the system (this is a breath of fresh air after using Drip for years). But Bluehost won’t upgrade to MySQL 5.7 on a shared box. This means I have to migrate. But after 13 years with them I don’t know what else looks good. For example, Heroku.

I already use Amazon SES since I have used Sendy for a few years but as for regular website stuff (read: wordpress)… I don’t know.

If this is posted in the wrong area, I do apologize. I will move it if need be.

What host is a good host for Mautic and multiple sites please?

Thanks super much

If you want to host mautic and wordpress, I found Ubuntu 18.04 LTS works good because it has Mysql 5.7 and PHP 7.2 by default. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is not ready yet because it has php7.4 which isn’t supported until Mautic 3.2 comes out later this year.

Personally I only used Digital Ocean and Amazon AWS EC2/Lightsail. They both have a $10 plan that gives you 2 GB of RAM so you can run nginx or apache for your web server using virtual host if you know a bit of linux.

Right now I’m using AWS EC2 with a 512MB using nginx to hose Wordpress. Then I have a 2nd AWS EC2 1GB hosting Bitnami’s Mautic 3.1 which is heavy on ram since it uses Apache. I only have 1300 contacts and send 12k emails month so i will probably need 2 GB RAM for email server when I grow more. AWS EC2 is actually cheaper than Lightsail if you have a EC2 Savings Plan for 1-3 years and don’t use much bandwitch. To keep it simple, just stay on Lightsail.

Anyways, just my two cents. Hope it helps.

Remarkably helpful, yes. All my laptops have some sort of linux on them so yeah, I’m good there. I was just now comparing EC2 and Lightsail actually, so maybe having it all in one place (Amazon) makes the most sense. It’s just that the project I am starting is likely a big one and it’s better to standardize now I figure.

Thanks a ton.