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Notes from meeting 9th Janaury 2020

Welcome to the team meeting! If you haven’t done an asynchronous meeting before, please respond in threads :slightly_smiling_face:

Also note you can start a reply with :bust_in_silhouette: to be anon, or :no_entry_sign: to go off the record and not be included in the notes, which will be exported and saved to Google Docs, and posted on the Community Forums.

The meeting will be open for 24 hours, after which the notes will be exported. People may comment thereafter but these won’t be included in the notes.Let’s get going! :arrow_down:

1️⃣ Introductions - who you are, where you’re from, how you’re involved with the team, and a brief how-were-the-holidays if you celebrated! :christmas_tree:

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Hi folks, I’m Ruth and I’m the Community Manager, based in the UK. Had a lovely holiday with family and a great New Year on retreat in Scotland (no tech for a week!) where I also celebrated my birthday :birthday:
ekke Hi there, I'm Ekke, sorry I cannot really attend the meeting "live" but will comment later. I am with An agency (Leuchtfeuer) in Germany and among other things, I am also doing the "Mauticast" podcast. Next week I'm attending a full-week Open Source event in the alps (Skiing/Boarding/Nerding : )
ekke P.S. congratulations Ruth, didn't know that! :gift:
floris Hi im Floris active in open source and Drupal community for 10 years, only since recently (2018) involved in the Mautic community to help out.

2️⃣ .1️⃣ Review actions from previous meeting ([](

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I added the notes to the forum and a google doc from our meeting before xmas which we did on Slack due to availability being challenging!

2️⃣ .:two: Meetup guidelines - review, comment and finalise:

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I made a start writing up what we had discussed in our previous meeting, and would really value some more eyes on this.I see this doc being a general guidelines doc, and we can have additional info for the different types of meetups as @Nico Grienauer (he/him) suggested
Nico Grienauer (he/him) Would be great to have infos about mauticamps and what are the things what makes a mauticamp a mauticamp

2️⃣ .3️⃣ Creating a Community Handbook

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Unfortunately still recovering from my laptop breaking itself and haven’t had time to further this, but it’s on my radar to address imminently and get something up on a community space where people can contribute and review.

3️⃣ Review Trello board (

3️⃣ .1️⃣ account

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Trello link: []( I’ve set up a trial account and am just waiting on sign-off for the budget to be finalised.Can’t add existing groups until we’re out of the trial (30 days) because at that point we’d start paying their to see the basic setup I’ve created.
Nico Grienauer (he/him) So will this replace e.g the meetup group I created for austria and currently pay for it? Will they be migrated?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) The idea is that if you wish to become an ‘official’ mautic meetup, it will come under the pro group (and Acquia will pay the fees)
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) and yes, it would be migrated. In effect, as I understand it, we become the ‘sponsor’ for the group
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) example:

3️⃣ .2️⃣ On-boarding workflows for teams

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Trello link: []( I think @floris agreed to be our on-boarding person, have added a checklist for the other teams so we can easily reference it to see who’s who.I think we need to create some basic workflows/processes to give people a bit of a steer on how to onboard new people - anybody able to help with this?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) It would be great to have new community members give their thoughts in this area, in addition to those who are already active.

3️⃣ .:three: Guidelines for setting up an in-person meetup

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Trello link: []( @Nico Grienauer (he/him) maybe this is something you’d like to take on, given your comments on the meetups guidelines doc?

3️⃣ .4️⃣ Create a meetup support pack for new MautiCamps

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Trello link: []( I’ve started on this. I have a budget and design request in with Acquia for swag and stickers etc.Links on the Trello card give some presentation decks I’ve been working on.
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Any help much appreciated!
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) I’ve also added the slide decks I used in my talk at OpenFest 2019 - they could be useful as a basic intro / workshop template.
Nico Grienauer (he/him) Sounds good. I will have a look on it when I have some time to get an overview about the material which is already available.
ekke @Ruth Cheesley (she/her) can't find those slide decks !?!
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Sorry, they are in the Drive folder linked from the Trello card: [](
ekke not on that folder (if I'm not mistaken), but fopund it nonetheless: []( Thanks for sharing!
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) in the sub-folders within that, I think
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) The organisers toolkit one
ekke Oh I See :blush:

3️⃣ .5️⃣ Campaign to invite people to get involved & inform of future events

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Trello link: []( I think @ekke was planning to tackle this one

4️⃣ .1️⃣ Deciding on Team Lead & Assistant Team Lead for Community Team

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) We need to decide who will be the Team Lead and Assistant Team Lead for the Community Team. Would anybody like to put themselves forward?
Nico Grienauer (he/him) What would be the “responsible area”? What should a lead/assistant lead be aware of?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) []( here is the definition of the team, and the vision/mission/responsibilities.[]( has the outline of the community structure, and []( from here on is a bit more detail on what we suggested in relation to leadership elections/roles (but we’re appointing interim roles to get us going), how decisions will be made, etc.
Nico Grienauer (he/him) Thx for the recap.
Nico Grienauer (he/him) So there is no t-events slack currently I guess.If there is a need I can step up to help in this interim period! My main expertise would be t-community (since 2009 active in the drupal community and drupal austria association board member.)t-marketing (more the design part as this “was” my profession until I now am more in writing emails/working with my team ;) but still my passion.t-Events - organized multiple events like DrupalCamp vienna for 400 pax from 26 countries, open minds ball & open source award, DrupalCon Community Day, IoT create Camp, etc. so I could gibe input in this area and I want to organize a mautic meetup/day this year in vienna...My time is limited, but I can imagine to help the community and step up for an interim role until everything is more saddled and stable. If you need still help in one of this areas from me. (edited)
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) We don’t have an events team, as that was rolled into the current structure during the community summit ( has the most up to date structure), but we will definitely need some support organizing Mauticon for example.
ekke Maybe we should also come up with a couple of bullet points for what a team leads tasks are, in general (I.e. also for other teams )
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) yes, I think that might be helpful
ekke Quick first shot now, later a part of the handbook, maybe?
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) yeah I’m all for keeping things simple and expanding on them when we have the capacity to do so!
ekke I'd do the interim team lead
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) OK so how about @ekke as interim team lead and @Nico Grienauer (he/him) as interim assistant team lead? That would get us started for the time being, I don’t recall off the top of my head what the terms were we agreed in the sprint but I think either 6-12 months was what we had discussed?
Nico Grienauer (he/him) I am happy if I can help. but as said, my time is limited. still dont know exactly whats the big expectations from me :stuck_out_tongue:
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) Sure, the assistant role will in theory be less time dependent than the team lead, hence suggesting it that way around
ekke Fine with me, and very happy to have Nico on board! (@Nico Grienauer (he/him) if you happen to be in the Ötztal region we can even meet this week : )
Nico Grienauer (he/him) haha. no, sorry. But maybe in Vienna, when I kickstart the mautic UG here?

5️⃣ Any other business

Ruth Cheesley (she/her) The M3 release (alpha) is happening tomorrow (FRIDAY) with a week’s testing, then the beta release with two weeks’ testing. Aim for stable release first week of February assuming no big issues arise during alpha/beta testing. Blog about to go out today.
Nico Grienauer (he/him) Bild von iOS
Ruth Cheesley (she/her) New emoji? I like it!
Nico Grienauer (he/him) I am just on my martphone and iOS is doing this as an image… it’s one of my personal emojis... too huge. Sorry :)


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