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Office365 SMTP

Not sure I am posting to the right place. I am trying to setup mautic to send mail via SMTP using Office365. As far as I can tell the settings are correct but I cannot send emails. I get error “Client does not have permissions to send as this sender”. Test Connection Works but email send fails. Anyone has any experience with getting Office365 to work with mautic ? Other SMTP works fine. The settings I have are mode :login

@Regi Roy did you the smtp port is open or not?

Found the solution : instead of smpt.office365,com use the <domain> smtp server. Find this in the Office365 console. Use port 25, not 587. set to SSL. this will allos intenral dmaon emails to work. Next setup a connected in Office365 to allow external emails from the webservers IP

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Im sorry, can you explain a little more? im have trouble getting “Test Connection” and “Send Test Email” to work.