Opinion: Composer Install is Not Ready for Production

As many of you know I am highly active on the forum and my company supports a high volume of Mautic installations for our clients.

With the announcement of composer being a strict requirement moving towards Mautic 5 I have spent hours and hours both trying to upgrade old versions to use composer and install fresh versions of composer and unfortunately I am very concerned for the high requirement that this will be a must moving forward.

There are so many issues that I cannot even summarize it, and there are numerous posts here by different people struggling with the whole issue around composer.

Some high level issues I have encountered that stand out.

  1. Missing dependancies. This is a Devops thing, however with standard command line import it is overcome-able using stack overflow and other such resources.
  2. Breaking current installations.
  3. Plugins not working and not yet supporting composer.

There is the slack group which is priceless and there is the support of the community and I do believe that eventually we need to move towards this(for reasons above my understanding), I am just worried that the requirement to have it done so soon could hinder many of us and our business’s.

I along with the rest of the community are highly grateful for all the work and support being given towards this project and if I had the time and technical abilities I would love to contribute more.

These are just my opinions - I hope that I do not offend anyone or belittle the effort up to today.


totally agree…