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Page hit identified but (re)action doesn't happen (while other triggers work!)

Hey guys, I have a problem! :slight_smile:

Mautic registers opened mails and triggers actions like reorganizing the contact’s segments.

BUT when I change the trigger to Page Hit, it doesn’t work anymore.

• Page Hit is definitely registered. –> But no action happens.
• Email Opening is definitely registered. –> Action happens.

Any ideas?

See screenshots:

Page Hits are recognized! Even coming back to it.

Any ideas? Can you give me an impulse what to do about it?

@Karl-Heinz what mautic version you are talking about ?

is there any error in mautic log ?

what about the cron jobs ?

Hey bizcrony!
Thanks a lot for picking this up!

CronJobs are working.


Email Opening is definitely registered –> Segment is adjusted