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Page hits not recognized

Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I cannot seem to get page hits recognized. I’m just running a test right now to get familiar with the system. What I’m trying to do is mimic a conversion to a customer (hit the thank-you page) then adding them to a new list.

In my test, I just used the homepage as the URL in the campaign builder. When I click the link in the email and go to the homepage, the page hit is not being recognized.


Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I cannot seem to get page hits recognized. I’m just running a test right now to get familiar with the system. What I’m trying to do is mimic a conversion to a customer (hit the thank-you page) then adding them to a new list.

In my test, I just used the homepage as the URL in the campaign builder. When I click the link in the email and go to the homepage, the page hit is not being recognized.

I’m having this issue too.

I’ve put the URL of our thank you page as the URL to monitor and every page has the tracking pixel on it (and we’re recording anonymous visits OK, so I’m sure that[s working) - In Campaigns the URL hit is not being triggered.

Hopefully someone has some insight…

Have you had any success in working it out Shamrick?


Thanks for the follow up. No. I haven’t had any success with it yet. Actually had it put it aside for a while to finish up some other things. Have you had any luck?

Now, one thing I’ve noticed is that I am able to see page hits but not hits that are related to the campaign. In other words, after the email is opened the link is clicked, the hit is not recognized and the lead is not added to a different list (List UPGRADE) in my test. It must be something with my campaign. Will probably create a new campaign with much simpler logic to see what’s going on.

I was actually thinking of creating another post to see if the folks at Mautic could possibly create a video tutorial so we could see them walk through creating a page hit to a thank you page off an opt-in or ecommerce purchase confirmation.

Perhaps this will bring the topic back up the list.

Will post back if I get it worked out.


No luck here either. If I make any progress I’ll repost here too.

I like your suggestions

Just a thought do you have a cron job setup with each of the following commands campaign:update and campaign:trigger . I know the the campaign:trugger cronjob for one campaign that does some sorting based off of page views takes quite awhile to complete.

The other things is, are you using another browser ot device to test the trigger? Mautic ignores page hits if they are from a logged in user


Hi Zac

Thanks for that, Yes, I’ve got those cronjobs running OK, and I’ve got people filling in forms and visiting pages from emails sent by Mautic. Opening the email is recorded find, but the page hit isn’t, nor the email click.

Not sure what I’ve done wrong…


The next thought is that the URL you are using might have something extra to it when a user browses the site try chnaging the url the is being matched to something like this . Basically the wildcards look for just what you have specified and disregard anything else that might be interferring.


Hi Zac,

I’m not sure I understand your reply.

In campaigns I’ve put the URL identically to the one in the email, I have the tracking pixel on every page.

In Points I have a page URL Set of “” - People have visited that page and the points have not been added.

Is that the one that should be set with a wildcard? I’m not sure what you are suggesting here.

On the dashboard I can see an open rate, Clicks is always reported as 0.

Thanks for your help.




Here’s the simple campaign I tried today:

I tried the wildcards as Zac suggested above but still no luck.

I am using the Mautic plug-in on my site along with Mandrill. Inside of Mandrill I have it set up to track clicks.

Tomorrow I’m going to 1) manually put the tracking pixel on my landing page, 2) turn off link tracking inside of Mandrill and 3) specify the complete URL without wildcards to see if that makes a difference.

Just seems it should be very straight forward. Not sure if there’s a step I’m missing somewhere or not.

Also, noticed that (per the campaign in the image above) if the email is not opened immediately, or apparently by the time the next cron job runs, the List DOWNGRADE action is triggered.

Keep you posted.

I think we might have the reason you are having issues.

While I haven’t tested it with Mandrill specifically but having another form of email tracking on alongside Mautic tends to make it not work (if you look at the link URL you will see why), so yes turn of Mandrill tracking.

For the URL in the Point Action give the following a go which should leave it more open to any obscurities.

You might be being a bit too general in your campaign setup, maybe try to make it similar to what I have done above, it could just be that the email not opened action is being triggered too fast by the cron job…

The emailed not opened action is difficult because as far as I know if you don’t have some-type of delay it is triggered when the next cronjob is run.



Thanks a lot for your help.

Here’s what I’ve just tested:

  1. Checked the page source to make sure the tracking pixel was inserted onto the page
  2. Turned off “Track Clicks” in Mandrill
  3. Added the domain name (using wildcards and without www.) as you suggested in your previous post.

Still not recognizing page hits.

My next test will be to turn off “Track Opens” in Mandrill. If that doesn’t work, I think I’ll be out of ideas.

Definetely turn off ALL Mandrill email tracking, it will cause issues as most email tracking is quite similar so using points of tracking will mess with the other one.

If you go in to look at the leads even just anonymous ones are you getting page hits coming up there? If you are that means the tracking pixel is actually working but something else if going wrong.

Possibly have a look at the output from the campaign:trigger cron job for some insight? It tells yoi ehat campaings are being triggered and the number of triggers being processed.



As far as Mandrill goes, I also went in and disabled the following settings:

  1. Generate Plain-Text From HTML Emails
  2. Remove Query String When Aggregating URLs
  3. Expose The List Of Recipients When Sending To Multiple Addresses

Beyond that, don’t immediately see anything else to disable. I’m going to retest with those options off and see if that makes a difference.

Page hits from anonymous leads do show up and always have.

Took a look at the campaign:trigger cron and here’s the output:

[code]Triggering events for campaign 2
Triggering first level events
1 total events(s) to be processed in batches of 100

1 event(s) executed

Triggering scheduled events
0 total events(s) to be processed in batches of 100
0 event(s) executed

Triggering ‘non-action’ events
0 event(s) executed[/code]

I even updated the campaign sequence to the image below to see if that made a difference:

Also couldn’t get the “Download Asset” trigger to work either. I set it up in Mautic’s ‘Assets’ as an external link to an Amazon S3 document but no-go.

Just out of curiosity, will all this tracking even work on mobile devices? Will a recipient have to enable “Show Pictures” or “Show Images” in order for the tracking pixel to even load?

Side Note:
When viewing the raw source of a message that used a Mautic template I noticed the tracking pixel was in the code.

<img height="1" width="1" src="" />

Except for that individual email, I have been creating emails using the custom HTML builder, not the Email Builder. Have I been incorrectly assuming that Mautic adds the tracking pixel to the email upon send? Do I need to add it manually every time?

I’m lost for ideas of what might be happening with the page hits not registering, it might be worthwhile checking the Mautic log which is located at /path/to/mautic/app/logs/mautic_prod.php just incase there is something revealing itself there.

Email wise, mobile tracking should work as if it is any other device (the location will show as Mountain View, California), yes they would need to press the show images button. If you are using the custom HTML builder then I’m pretty sure you do need to include the tracking gif yourself, the Email Builder integrates the tracking gif automatically.


Did you guys have any luck on this? I am having similar issues. I have a mautic landing page as the confirmation page. In the form, I add the tag Pending to the subscriber. In the campaign, I send the confirmation email (tried adding the email to be sent from the form as well, but didn’t change it), and after I check for the page open event. That event is never triggered.
I have the following cron jobs configured:


I am new to mautic, so I might be missing something. Being a mautic landing page, do I still have to add the pixel in the page?
If not, any idea why it is not being triggered?