Possibility to send all created contact info during campaign to specific user

I want to know if the case below is possible using mautic :
When the campaign is over. All the contact info created during the campaign will be sent to a user email, let’s say admin email. It could be CSV or plain text on the email body.

The email will look like this:

Hello Admin,
These are the contacts and their info created during the campaign.
First Name, Email, Number
First Name Email, Number

First Name, Email, Number.

Is this possible?
I know that there is a way to add these contacts into a segment and then create a campaign based on this segment and there will be a lot of emails to the admin, because it will be sent for each contact info, not all at once. I want to make it only one email consisting all contacts created during the campaign.

appreciate your help.

Best Regards,

As always there are many different ways to do this.

One way I did this was create a static segment called Campaign-Finished.
Then I went to reports and created a segment report based on the static segment I created and chose the fields I wanted and then scheduled this report to send an email every day.

Note: make sure you have the cronjob for report schedule enabled

Hello @mikew ,

Thank you for this answer. I wasn’t aware that Mautic has this Report feature.