Possible unsubscribe error

Hi, Im using a new email testing tool.

I see that for every email that has been through the tool (it’s a tool I send an email to), mark the contact as Unsubscribed. This is probably because the tool follows every link.

This leads me to believe that perhaps some spam filters and so on accidentally unsubscribe my users.

Is there any way to for example add a button to the unsubscribe page so that the user actually has to click to unsubscribe, not just open the link?

Bumping this since I still experience this, have someone perhaps a workaround?

Hi, you can create a landing page for unsubscribes and link that as unsub.
Add a form to this page with the mandatory email field.
Contacts could only unsub after sending the form. (You can create a campaign originating with this form)

Here is a tutorial I made long long time ago, somewhat outdated, but the concept is the same.
You need the second part, the double opt-out:

Hi @joeyk , I have watched that, thanks.

So, it doesnt really fit, I would the unsubscribe to be as easy as possible, meaning just click the link in the email without having to put the email into the textbox, small thing but personally I hate it when I have to put in my email because I have several email addresses.

The solution could be to create a page in mautic and pick up the user id by a parameter in php, thats a no brainer but then delivery will suffer since that will be classified as a tracking link.

Ill dig a bit deeper, if I figure something out Ill post it here.