Preference Page Question - Do Not Contact

Hi there - Does anyone know if there is an option to include ‘Do Not Contact’ option in a custom unsubscribe Preference Page? I’d like to have the ability where someone can go to the custom preference page and make a selection like ‘Remove me from all communications’ and then have that add the user to the DNC list. Is this possible?


Hi @riverbear, out of the box the way to do that is un-checking the box next to the channel.

For example, they can uncheck the box next to email and that will set DNC for the email channel. If you also had other channels like SMS, WhatsApp etc then there would be others they could choose.

Another way to do this is make a segment with a public-facing name like ‘Remove me from all communications’ and then when they select that segment in the preference center, you fire a campaign which sets DNC for the relevant channel/s.

Hope that helps - would make a great KB article at if you are interested in contributing it!

Thank you! We’ll look to make an update to KB once we have it fully implemented. Appreciate your help