Simplifying the preference center, and allowing unsubscribe from all

Hey community,
I’m trying to figure our the preference center and how working with it correctly.

My goal is to have in an email template two URLs: 1. Unsubscribe 2. Preference center
This is for the contact to be able to just quickly unsubscribe from everything, or just change his preferred channel.

The issues I face are as follows

  1. Using a custom preference center landing page, is kind of removing the option to just click “unsubscribe” because now the link will open the preference center. Is there a way to include both links in a template?
  2. When building a custom preference center but only adding the “preferred channel” component, it will always unsubscribe the contact from all channels when saving. I found out that the “channel frequency” component has to be included in the template in order to eliminate this issue. Why is it so? I do not want to confuse the contact with scheduling “offline” time, as it’s way overkill.
  3. And if using the channel frequency component is mandatory, how can I just use the part with the checkboxes, without the scheduling/frequency part.
  4. Is it possible to add an “Unsubscribe from all” button in a custom preference center? Because if we support 5 channels, it’s way too complicated for a contact to just stop receiving messages from every channel.

Thanks in advance.