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Pro Account Expired - Custom Domain Forms Not Working


Newbie here (it will be obvious by this message).

We had a Pro account when we setup Mautic, we setup a custom domain, have used forms ever since on our site. In the last week, all of our forms when completed take the visitor through to a mautic admin login screen. We have checked everything, but the only thing we can work out that it could be is that we don’t have a Pro account anymore, so that when the last update was done on the 23rd, it has stopped us from using the forms with our custom domain account now to push us back to using the Pro version. Possible? I inquired with the sales team at mautic about a call for possibly upgrading to Pro again, but after a few days no one has contacted me. Seems a bit odd. Anyone have this experience or know the answer? Many Thanks in advance. Just had a campaign go live so we are losing costly time, so appreciate any guidance.

Thanks, Andy