Problems with campaigns that stopped (event keep running)

Hi friend, it seems like mautic has problem with stopping event at some times.

So i have campaigns that do 2 things:

  1. Start sending mails
  2. Do some actions after 2 weeks based on user points.

When stop campaign in a lot of cases the second 2 weeks option keep running in the background (probably a bug in mautic).

And yesterday i probably added user by mistake twice to campaign (or maybe not and that problem is in mautic).

And when i done that and remove user from the campaign the even keep running. I am unable to stop the event for some reason while the user is removed from the campaign.


Does anyone know a way to reset the user event?? might be good if i can do that even from the database.

By the way i don’t know if that realted to the problem but i see that message in the php error log:

Undefined index: anchor in /home/ on line 58