I am running latest composer installed Mautic 4.3.x and I trying to add Recaptha on my form.

I installed this plugin via zip GitHub - KonstantinCodes/mautic-recaptcha: This Plugin brings reCAPTCHA integration to mautic. since Mautic was install using composer v2 and the plug-in only support composer v1

I have the Recaptha box on the form however it can be bypassed by clicking submit without a check mark in box

I followed plug-in instruction and it does mention it works on Mautic 4 so I must have missed something.

Have anyone successfully added the plug-in zip version on a composer installed Mautic?

Is there any script i need to add on the web page head or body or the plug-in already take care of this?

One thing I noticed that there no where to put the Recaptha secret key in the plug-in so is that supposed to go somewhere? The plug-in config only had a box for site key.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!