Reformatting the "Unsubscribe" Line at the bottom of the email

Hello! I am wanting to reformat this line in my email. I cannot find the html code anywhere, or find the settings to either remove the line completely, or reformat it.
Ideally, I would like the line to be centered with the rest of my email.


Thank you!

So why don’t you center the token with HTML?

I have tried finding that token in the HTML code for a couple of days, but I am not strong in HTML, do you know where the line of that code would be?

Thank you

Sorry if I misunderstood you but are you looking for {unsubscribe_url} ?

No problem, here is a better picture of a sample email. I have two unsubscribe links, the {unsubscribe_url } is the first link, and I put it there.
However, I cannot find where the second unsubscribe link is coming from. I cannot find it in the HTML code, have you ever seen it before?

Hey, the best way to investigate this is to check what URL it shows when you send a real campaign. You could make a campaign with 1 email in it (yours, which is not your sender email) and send it to yourself. Once you receive the email, check the HTML and see what does the link look like. Is it sure, that Mautic added it?
One more idea, happened to me: is it not added with white characters in your text field - so it is invisible?

I think maybe mautic has added it? I found the link in th HTML code in the sample email, but I cannot find where it is in the Email Builder. Maybe I will just have to live with it.
Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

Which email gateway are you using?

Elastic Email injects their own unsubscribe link that suppresses email delivery to a recipient at the gateway level not by setting Do Not Contact in Mautic. One way to get the list of unsubscribes that went through the Elastic Email mechanism back into Mautic is by downloading the CSV report, reformatting it with the column do_not_contact = true and importing it into Mautic.

If you want to use a custom unsubscribe text and link (and not Elastic Email’s default verbiage), Elastic Email does provide their own token that gets rewritten with their unsubscribe URL when it passes through the gateway.

When we last encountered this, we had some issues using Elastic Email’s custom unsubscribe token because Mautic parsed the {unsubscribe} token surrounded by curly brackets before it reached the Elastic Email gateway. Unfortunately, we still ended up with two unsubscribe links - as EE could not detect the presence of third-party unsubscribe. I’m not sure if this has changed.

Perhaps you could try blanking out the Text for the {unsubscribe_text} token in Configuration > Email Settings in Mautic to see if you are able to suppress Mautic’s unsubscribe text, and use Elastic Email’s unsubscribe mechanism exclusively.

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Hello! thank you! the only issue is that Elastic Email’s unsubscribe link is off center, and we would like it to be centered. Maybe in the new update of Mautic it is fixed?

Thank you for your response!