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Reply Detection for more than one inbox

It would be great to have reply detection to stop follow ups or change campaign once a contact respond. So once you start dealing with a contact directly they stop receiving further marketing emails and follow-ups until further notice. As it stands many people (myself included) are spending hours each week updating prospect lists and managing campaigns as contacts take action on an email.

This is done perfectly by - “Once a reply to any of your emails comes in, even from another email address, the follow-up sequence planned for the prospect is stopped automatically.”

This would need to check an inbox ever 10-30 mins.
Detect second email addresses encase of somebody replying for an alternate account
Distinguish between auto-replies.
Update contact details to take action (stop/switch sequence)

it has been discussed previously here - 'Change Campaign' prompted by a REPLY to an email [$15] · Issue #425 · mautic/mautic · GitHub

Agreed, this would be a great time saver and seems like something that should be in the campaign builder.

Any news about this?
It would be very useful!


In my opinion, this is the biggest single feature missing from Mautic. There was a ton of discussion about it on Gibthub.

For clarification, Mautic does have the ability to track a single “Monitored Inbox” for replies and bounces but it really needs to track replies for every Mautic user. If you have more than one person on your sales team and you send most emails from the contact’s owner, then a single montiored inbox is not sufficient. It’s a setting that should really exist for each Mautic user account (in addition to the single montired inbox for a generic email like

+1 guys at my marketing dept. are always asking for this feature.

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Any Luck on this feature. ?

I’ve updated the title of this feature request to ensure that it is clear what you are requesting.

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As an update to this, Mautic 3.1.0 includes a new API endpoint that lets you manually mark an email as replied. Not a full solution, but a lot better than nothing…

Any update on this feature?

Is there any plan to add this feature (have separate “monitored inbox” for replies for each Mautic user) to Mautic v3? This feature is important.