Seeking explanation on email stats - clicks vs unique clicks

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.4
My PHP version is: 7.3
My Database type and version is: Maria DB 10.3.30

Your problem
My problem is:

We sent out some emails and now when I go visit the stats of preticular email under Channels > Emails > [Specfic email record]
I see the following graph:


And then when I scroll down to see the clicks for links in this email I see:



  1. Can someone elaborate on terms “clicks” & “unique clicks” from the table above? How this counting works? In what sense data from column “unique clicks” actually represents the unique clicks?

  2. Why is clicked on the graph so different (smaller) then unique clicks from the table? We did not delete any contacts or other data related to this email, so

These errors are showing in the log:

[no errors]

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

I have tried to understand the stats and as far as I can tell data in table on the image above comes from channel_url_trackables.

As I understand “Clicked” from the graph represents unique leads that clicked on link from specific email.

But I fail to understand the data tagged with unique clicks from the table.

Thank you.

I think that there is a really big explanation written out by @joeyk somewhere here which is definitely worth finding and reading.

The clicks can be very confusing, as when you are looking at unique clicks you are seeing a number of lets say 300, now take into account you have 3 links in your emails and all the people that clicked, clicked all three links, the unique clicks are the total of all unique clicks on each particular link, the actual number of people that did click was only 100,

If you click on the 1033 at the bottom you will get a list of all the people that clicked on any particular link, and my guess is that when you scroll to the bottom of the page to see how many contacts are there you will see there are 679 contacts.

Let me know if my hunch is correct :slight_smile:


Your hunch is correct :slight_smile: and that makes sense. But how can one lead increment unique clicks for specific url twice?

The first time lead visits url with tracking id clicks (hits) & unique clicks (unique hits) are incremented every other time only clicks should be incremented, correct?

If I have 679 contacts that clicked on any of the links in the email, how come I have a row on the image with 812 unique clicks? Should not unique clicks in this case always be <=679? I feel like I am missing something really obvious, what is it?

I will try to find the extensive docs that were mentioned above. Thanks.

Hello @mzagmajster ! I know you know your way around the database. Maybe you could look at the DB and see how the number Mautic actually comes up with. Check the emails_stats table, that is the place where tracking info is generated from. Maybe you see a pattern.

. But how can one lead increment unique clicks for specific url twice?

I do not think it does. You can do an test here, but if we look at your stats, you can see your first Tracking ID was only hit once.
Your second Tracking ID was hit twice by two separate people. If you click on the number 2 you should see two records there.
Your third tracking link was clicked 48 times, with 4 people clicking the link twice.

Regarding the descrepency between 679 and 812… if you click on the 812 how many contacts does it read ?

As @joeyk mentioned the most accurate data is from the mysql database and here I would suggest looking in both email_stats table as well as page_hits.

I just went and checked some of my stats and cannot find a good example and then I thought about the latest iOS release where apple is now offering the ability to remove pixels and thus maybe rendering clicks as anonymous…

There is also the possibility that ISP’s will run random clicks on links before delivering mail onwards,

Hi, @mikew thanks for the reply I did not know about iOS & ISP feature you mentioned regarding this,

I clicked on every badge in the table and unique clicks match number of contacts, except for the one with 812, it reads 524 contacts.

In my case the reason for clicks not to match was that html copied from external email builder contained two tags pointing to external css (font). Each time the user read an email it incremented the counter by two.

Removing link tags solved the issue.

In addition I also decided to minify every html content before pasting it to Mautic builder, since I read there is a potential for Outlook to break my links by inserting new lines.