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Segment or Category

I am trying to understand the difference between segment and category in Mautic so I am posting in here to see if I understood it correctly.

Segment is contacts in same group correct?

Suppose I want to create two different newsletter but some contact only want recieve one of the newsletters while other want to received both newsletter then I create segment for each newsletter and those contact with only 1 segment will receive one of the newsletter and contact with both segment will receive both newsletter but send in different time. 1 email per newsletter etc. I assume we use segment email to send out the newsletter ?

Same setup with some of our contact who are on Executive Team by setting up a executive team segment then include those contacts into that segment right? Contact can belong to more than one segment I presume so when we want to send an email only to executive team them we send a segment email to contact with executive team segment correct?

What exactly is category then?

I am using another mailer software called Sendy and I wanted to export all contacts then import it into Mautic. Can this be done with CVS? How do I mass assign segment to certain contacts being imported from CVS?


It is a great topic, I’m happy you asked this question. We discussed this during the Mauticon in Belgium couple of days ago.

An important info: if you are in 2 segments (executive segment AND hot lead segment) and you send out a newsletter to both segments (executive AND hot lead) then you will only send this newsletter ONCE to the person who is in both segments. Emails with the same ID cannot be sent 2x as segment email, even if the person would have the “right to recieve 2x as he is in 2 segments”.

Categories are very different. The original idea was, that a contact can subscribe for emails with different categories. For example: “Executive Newsletter” or “Marketing Newsletter”. This should have been manageable on the pref center. But the other end is missing: in M4+ you can’t assign category to a contact, and category subscription won’t be considered when an email is sent.

The reason is, that Mautic moved beyond this functionality by allowing Segments to be public. It means, that you can define a public name for a segment, for example: “Executive Newsletter” and while keeping the internal name for the segment as well (e.g. “Executive Segment New”). If you make a segment public (setting in segments) then the public name will be visible in the pref center and contacts can decide if they want to subscribe or not.


Thank you for the explanation but help me understand

If we have two newsletter, one about dogs and another about cats so that is two separate segment correct?

Person “A” sign up to be in dog segment.

Person “B” sign up to be in both dog and cat segment

When we sent out newsletter on about cats and we also sent out newsletter on about dogs.

Person “A” will receive newsletter on dogs

Person “B” will receive two newsletters which is one for dogs and one for cats

Is that how segment work right? As along newsletter are different and separate then Person “B” will still receive both newsletter because Person “B” is in both segment correct?

Thank you

Yes, it is correct how you described them recieving the newsletter.
“B” will recieve 2 different newsletters, 1 for cats 1 for dogs.


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Thank you for explaining!

Have a great weekend