Send an email immediately


I am using Mautic v4.4.7.
I have selected “How should email be handled?” = “Queue”.

Is it possible to mark some emails to be sent immediatly to the contact without being queued. There are some reasons to do that.

There’s an action “Send form results” that can be triggered after form submission, but has some limitations.
You cannot specify custom values for these fields:

  • From name.
  • From address.

Also, the email cannot be tracked because not stats are shown for it. I mean it’s not a real email that appears in the dashboard.

The action “Send email to contact” is what I am looking for, but it cannot be sent immediately when queue mode is enabled.

I want to build a drip campaign but the first email in the sequence must be sent right away without any delay.

If you set up a 1 minute cronjob then the contact has to wait in avg. 30 sec.
Would that be acceptable?


Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t feet my workflow.
I want to send an email immediately so that the contact when he switches to his inbox after submitting the optin form, he finds the email there. I am expecting so.
The best thing I’ve found is to set this config:
1/ “How should email be handled?” => “Send immediately”.
2/ Then create a form, and add in “Actions” tab the action “Send email to contact”.
But this has a disadvantage, the “Queue” mode is sacrified.
What I want is to build drip campaigns with the first email being sent immediately.

Maybe someone else will recommend something.

OK, also executing a cron job each minute may be resource-intensive.
It’s better to send immediately the first email in the sequence, then for the subsequent emails scheduled in the campaign, we can set a cron job that runs in 15 minutes or more.

It’s not resource intensive if you set properly. Make sure to chain the commands in a bash file and make sure to use a time limit.
There are many tutorials on the web/youtube how to do it.

But again: lets hope someone will post the solution to the immediate send.