Send newsletter and gather feedbacks

I’d like to use Mautic as a newsletter-system for a small group of people (several hundred) and agreeded with them to give feedback of each of the mailings. So i will going to put something like “Yes, i’ve read and understand” or “How satisfied are you with this information on a scale of 0-10?”, something like that.
Now, with my current knowledge of Mautic i would setup this like so:

  • Create a feedback-form
  • Put form into a email template
  • Create a segment like “responded to …”
  • Add contacts from a segment where people are inside who has consent to contribute
  • Create a campaign and put all above inside. Also a workflow where contacts are added to the new segment by submitting their feedback (visits a page)

I think this is going work, but i need to do this 2-3 times a month (maybe more) and don’t know how to handle the data. Each time i create a new newsletter, i also need to create a new segment and so forth. What i’d like to have is to setup a “framework” and let the news put into it on a dynamic way (by sourcing them from outside). I also do not need to track all send newsletters, only the last one is sufficient. When the campaign is over, i’d like to get a report of how many contacts have responded and what their overall result was. Then, before starting the next campaign, i can cleanup/reset everything and start from new.

Any hints how to achieve this?

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There’s actually some Mautic training coming up on 16 Nov as part of Mauticon. This would be a great place to start. And this will help you establish a “framework” for putting things together. Mautic has a steep learning curve but once you understand it, it becomes easier to build out what you’re thinking about.