Send Newsletters / sort of transactional communication on updates

Your software
My Mautic version is: 5

Your problem
I have a similar situation like a classifieds site, where people can sign up for weekly digests per category. But if there are no new ads in one category, no email should be sent.

So basically:
I find an interesting category on the website.
I add my email to the newsletter form.
If there are news next week (and the following), I’ll receive an email.
The news will be loaded from the web site dynamically (for my category of interest) and rendered into my email.
If there are none, I’ll not receive an email.

Is this possible with Mautic? If so, how?
Or do I need another software in the middle for the business logic?

Hi, Yes this is possible within Mautic, check out the RSS to Email Plugin : GitHub - ChrisRAoW/mautic-rss-to-email-bundle: Mautic plugin to send emails from RSS

Very interesting and the right direction.
But it’s lacking of the logic of whether or not to send and send only the delta from the last mail.

all of this is overcomeable using scripts or adding to the plugin…

We use the plugin for a number of clients, however I am not that familar with it, but there are options for saying which posts to take, category etc… not sure about date, but as mentioned above you can overcome this either way