Sending mail to old contact of last week + new contact in this week - in Campaign


We are using Template Email → running campaign

assume in

  • 1st week - 30 leads came; added in excel sheet; contacts imported; campaign run - All Good
  • 2nd week - 5 more leads came; all new leads; APPENDED in same excel sheet; contacts imported, campaign run - it is sending mail to new leads only -

But we want that existing leads (30 of last week) should also get the mail - as its a new content created week on week -

Seems it is not possible ?

@mikew @joeyk

Hi, what is the source on the campaign? A segment?
If so, did you push the contacts into the segment or you gave them a tag, that is the filter for the segment?
Is the problem, that you added a second email to the campaign and the campaign didn’t run for the first batch of people?

Hi Joe. thanks for quick reply

Yes, Source is Campaign

contacts are added to segment via Tag
1st week campaign sent mail to 30 contacts
2nd week campaign sent mail to 5 new contacts - and not to old ones.


Problem statement is that we want to send mails to the older contacts as well - so 30 + 5