Sending only one message to a user in a recurring campaign

Hi everyone,

I am creating a campaign for churning users, which is triggered based on a date of user’s last transaction. After each email in the campaign, I’ll wait for 1 day and then check the date of the last transaction. If the transaction was not today or yesterday, I’ll send the next email.

The users may go off the “churn” segment anytime after they perform a transaction and may get back in anytime, once they’re churning again. So once they’re off the segment and then back again, they’ll start the campaign from email #1. What I wanna do is create a rule inside the campaign that would send a specific email to the user only once. This would mean, that once the user is back inside the segment (and back to my campaign), he’ll receive the next email from the campaign, not start from it’s beginning.

Does anyone have an idea on how to do that?


To put it simple, I’d like a contact to “remember” the step on which he left the campaign and then go on from the same step once he’s back to the campaign.