Sent bubble is not showing the correct number

Is there a reason the “sent” stats would be wrong on an email? This email was sent to around 14,000 people but it seems to only be counting some of them. The correct sent amount is shown on the graph when you click into the email. This just started happening on new emails I setup in the last week or so. Past emails have shown the correct stats.


Can you run a querry on your emails stats table to see the real number?

select count(lead_id) from email_stats where email_id = ID_OF_EMAIL

That query returned 14167 which sounds about right. Where does it get the “Sent” number?

And if it helps any I’m currently running version v4.4.4.

This is where its getting it from. Did you change anything in the segment the email supposed to be sent to?

No, no change in the segment.

I have now noticed that the sent bubble mismatch currently seems to only happen on this segment (segment filters shown in screenshot). I have even recreated this as a new segment with the same filters and sending to that new segment has the same results, sent bubble being under reported. This seems like a fairly basic set of filters. Is there maybe a bug with this filter setup? As far as I know I haven’t seen this with other segments I’ve created.