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Setup Questions

Hi there! I’m currently packaging Mautic for one-click-deployment on top of Cloudron ( To finalize packaging and releasing it to the crowd, I got following questions:

  1. Does Mautic support login via LDAP?
    If so, how does this work? Is there any documentation out there which helps me settings things up?

  2. If Mautic supports LDAP: How to check if a user isSuperuser via LDAP?
    Since Cloudron provides this information via the LDAP protocol it would be cool to forward it to Mautic.

  3. If Mautic DOES NOT support LDAP: How can we setup a minimal environment?
    Just adding a default admin user would be preferred. Right now I’m running php app/console mautic:install:data --force --no-interaction --verbose which loads quite a bunch of demo data into the database