Slow loading Mautic

So I have set up my mautic in Cloudways but seems like whenever I go to the configuration page it’s loading so slowly.

Here is a video

It generates this error: Uh oh! I think I broke it. If I do it again, please report me to the system administrator!

500 Internal Server Error :green_circle:

But I have enough resource more than 16G Ram and 8 core CPU.

Thanks in Advance Amazing community.

Hi @riazul

Do you have access to the terminal ?

If so have a look at the log files there and see if you can past the output here.

Some things to check and maybe run again would be to chown your entire mautic directory to www-data:www-data.
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/mautic

I can access the terminal and will try your solution and comment again. Thanks for the comment.

Hi if you run htop on the terminal, do you see how many processors are utilized? Also mem?
How many contacts you have?

Its a new installation no contacts at all. Totally fresh one.

if you have access to seminal please run tail -f /var/logs/nginx/mautic.* (or apache2) and then go and perform the action that is leading to the error, then paste the output here so we can see what is going on.