Strange contacts appearing, You know what is this about?

I am getting some contacts, even if I have set my site to not track at all, I am worried this might be Hacking attacks, and if they are, do I have to be concerned/ what should I do? If not, What are they?

This is why I am suspicious:

what is that URL?

You have the tracking code installed on your site.

		> // Add the mt('send', 'pageview') script with optional tracking attributes.
  	mt('send', 'pageview');

Those entries look like bot activity that adds your domain + known url parameters to access secure or administrative functions of web apps. Its possible that you are tracking your own activity if you haven’t added your IP to settings/configuration/system settings scroll towards bottom but its not typical if you are logged in
Screenshot (10)

Well, I put it about one or 2 hours ago, those ones are not from the tracker.
as a mater of fact I am having now issues tracking activity, like pages of my site for setting up a double option…

That resulted to be some error with urs. Than you @EJL