System Requirements - what works for you?

I know Mautic supports many different systems on paper. I’ve read the docs. However in trying to get Mautic running in a stable way I’ve run into many bugs. And as a community there is no clear word on this. It seems Mautic only supports a very specific server setup from my experience.

So far I’ve run Mautic in

  • Cpanel Shared Hosting - PHP 7.0 & Apache - SLOW don’t waste your time.
  • DirectAdmin Dedicated PHP 7.0/7.1 & Litespeed - Buggy, Mautic may not support Litespeed yet even though it’s Apache compatible.
  • Custom VPS Dedicated - Mixed results. I’ve used plain VPS with PHP & Apache it’s a pain.

This leads me to ask everyone in the forum to share what works for them. I’ll share what I’ve learned so far:

  • Use a dedicated instance for Mautic - Mautic needs more resources than what you will find in shared hosting period.
  • PHP - Mautic is often a little behind the latest version of PHP you need to support PHP7.0 to 7.2 at the time of writing.
  • PHP (Magic Quotes GPC off)
  • Increase PHP Memory limit to at least 256mb
  • Install OpCache

**Meet Mautic minimum requirements[4]

  • MySQL (InnoDB support required) 5.5.3 +
  • Apache[1] 2.x +
  • Nginx[2] 1.0 + (1.8 recommended)
  • Microsoft IIS[2] 7
  • PHP Mod_Rewrite needed for SEO links

That’s what I’ve been able to find. I’d love to hear what works for others in the Community?

Tip for anyone struggling with bugs: Mautic to 2.14.2 is considered fairly stable with minor bugs. Next stable release expecte is +/-

All releases ending in.0 are considered experimental until an incremental minor version fixes bugs.

I always set the minimum PHP Limit to at least 512MB and increase the PHP timeout to at least 3-4 min(!). In even small installations, 2.15.3 Cache rewarming took often more than 2,5 min and caused trouble, when interrupted too soon.

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