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Tracking Replies for Previous Mails

Hi Members,

How to track the reply and trigger a notification mail for the replies we got for previous mails.

Scenario Example:

I have a campaign of 7 emails series which sends out the first email to the contact immediately after adding to the segment

If the contact replies to that email he/she would be removed out of that campaign and internal team would get a notification about the reply and the contact will not be receiving the next 6 follow up emails.

Suppose he/she has not responded to first email, then after two hours campaign sends out Second email, if the same happens with second email third email will be sent out after a day like this with some intervals of time total 7 emails will be sent out.

Here my Question is
Suppose the contact has received 3 or 4 emails in the sequence and now he/she will read the First Email and Replies to the First Email… At this point how to Remove that user from the campaign and send a notification to the internal team.

Any Suggestions ?
Thanks in Advance for your solutions if any.